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About Us And Your Wedding Car

Cars 4 Weddings is an established professional family run business. Our fleet of cars, collected over a number of years, are maintained to a high standard and are fully insured for wedding hire. We are very proud of our reputation for giving a reliable and friendly service backed by our experience. Our company receives many letters of thanks and our cars are always admired wherever they go. All our wedding cars are driven by experienced reliable chauffeurs who have many years of chauffeuring experience.

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Typically before your wedding, all the booked cars would have their oil, water, fluids and tyres checked. They will be driven beforehand and filled with fuel, then washed, polished, tyres, windows and interiors cleaned. Checks made that they have their cleaning materials and umbrellas in the car, hopefully not to be needed. The car is decorated with a fresh floral bouquet placed on the parcel shelf and wedding ‘V’ ribbons secured.

The chauffeurs arrive early to prepare themselves and collect the cars in good time, having had the wedding transfer information at least a week beforehand, and having checked the route for the collection, ceremony and reception address.

The chauffeur will usually arrive at the collection address approximately 15 minutes before the prearranged time having allowed for any possible delays and giving plenty of time for any photographs before departure. The chauffeur will be at hand to manoeuvre the car if requested, to open the car doors, help the bride in and out of the car, hold bouquets, clutch bags etc, help in with the dress and be at hand with an umbrella if so needed.

The chauffeur will manoeuvre the wedding car as close as possible to the service entrance and positioned as requested after consulting the photographer for pictures. The chauffeur will open the door, hold the brides bouquet, offer a hand to exit the car and help with the wedding dress.

Whilst the wedding service takes place the wedding car will be manoeuvred into the prearranged position for the photographer. The chauffeur will then check the wedding car, clean the exterior and windows if possible and tidy the interior. If champagne is ordered, this will be prepared and ready to serve after the ceremony. The chauffeur will wait for the photographer and help with any requests made for the wedding photographs in and around the wedding car. The cars will travel to the reception on a prearranged route if requested and at a pace for guests to follow. At the reception the cars will be positioned as prearranged for photographs if required. The chauffeur will allow the groom to escort his new bride from the wedding car into the reception. The wedding car will then leave after confirming no further requests from the bride & groom or photographer.

On return to base depending on the time, the car will be checked and put away for the next occasion, and the chauffeur will run through the days events to confirm the arrangements went according to plan.