Are you getting married between May 2015 and December 2015?

    Are you a super excited bride-to-be with several equally excitable bridesmaids putting the finishing touches to your wedding proceedings?

    Twofour TV Productions are making an exciting new show all about brides, their family and bridesmaids – a show that looks at the family, their relationship and the girly dynamics that surround the lead up to the big day!

    Twofour TV Productions want to hear from you!

    They’re looking for a bride-to-be to take part, along with their family and bridesmaids.

    If you are a bride-to-be and this sounds like fun to you then please get in touch.

  • Cars 4 Weddings Are Unique In What They Offer, Again!

    Everyone wants a bargin for their wedding day. Cars 4 Weddings are unique in what they offer, again!

    Cars 4 Weddings are unique in what they can offer, this is due to their range of cars, the large number they have, being independant and owning their own cars.

    The unique offer is, hire a pair of wedding cars and Cars 4 Weddings will include free of charge, the booking of the Groom and Bestman transfer from collection to the church or venue for the wedding ceremony. It's a win win solution to getting your groom to the service on time. It could be a special surprise for the groom, to be chauffeured to the ceremony via the local pub to calm the nerves, or the opportunity to travel with his friends in the 7 passenger Daimler Limousine.

  • Cars 4 Weddings Are Unique In What They Offer

    Everyone wants to look back upon their wedding day with fond memories. It is one of the most monumental days of your life, you want to have a vintage style Beauford Open Tourer but are worried the British weather will not favour your day or you are having a winter wedding. Do not despair Cars 4 Weddings have the unique solution. 

    Cars 4 Weddings are unique in what they can offer, this is due to their range of cars, the large number they have and being independant.

    The unique offer is, hire the vintage style Beauford Open Tourer and if the forecast weather looks unsuitable for an open top wedding car, Cars 4 Weddings will exchange the booking for a similar vintage wedding car more suitable for the weather conditions. It's a win win solution.

  • Rolls Royce Wedding Cars Are Still The Best

    If you ask most people how many times they have taken a ride in a Rolls Royce, the answer is likely to be once. This singular opportunity is also likely to be their wedding day. Rolls Royce wedding cars have been known for several years to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. This opulence is made available to the bride and groom on this day that they have the opportunity to experience it.

    There are several other marques and designs of luxury cars that are made in Europe. Some of them are well known and have a well established reputation. Nevertheless, they cannot provide a similar effect as this vehicle. These other cars do not have the same style and grace as a Rolls Royce. A Rolls Royce represents the ultimate in vehicular comfort. The Silver Cloud is a very good example. It is an excellent car that brings to life style, power and opulence. Its rich upholstery makes it difficult to resist the invitation to drop into its luxurious leather comfort.

    The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud has trademark lines and polished coach that are made to represent the sky, the steeple of the church and the sun. This luxury automobile is designed to provide the couple with the ultimate indulgence on their special day. You can choose any well-known luxury car to get married in. For most people however, the Rolls Royce is the first choice . There is simply no other car that can produce a similar effect.

    A Rolls Royce wedding is style, sophistication, glamour and fame all rolled up into one head turning package. There's nothing gauche or garish about a Rolls Royce wedding - nothing too in your face or demanding. And yet everyone has to stop and stare. That's what real class is all about. A Rolls Royce is an engineering dream, a fantasy of perfect wealth and power delivered in a moving sculpture. No other car manufacturer has ever managed to come near Rolls Royce in terms of the ability to generate awe and envy in equal proportions. And that, more than anything, is why a Rolls Royce wedding is, and always will be, the best.

  • Cooling Castle Barn A Firm Favorite

    Cars 4 Weddings have been supplying cars for weddings at Cooling Castle Barn for a number of years now and proud to be their Approved Choice Of Wedding Car Provider.

    Cooling Castle Barn is probably Kent's most popular wedding venue and with good reason. There are three barns for hire: The Heritage Barn for the reception of guests, The Fathom Barn for the Marriage Ceremony and The Tithe Barn for the Wedding Breakfast. Superb service from very professional staff compliments the stunning grounds and the huge and wonderful space within the Tithe barn itself.

    There is the option of having your wedding either outdoors under the garden gazebo or inside within a wing of the barn itself. Both provide a lovely location for your Kent wedding. Cooling Castle provides a Toastmaster which is a very helpful service for couples.He will help your day run as smoothly as possible and will take away some of the logistic headaches, meaning you can relax and enjoy your day that little bit more.

    At the facility, couples may engage Cars 4 Weddings wedding car hire service. An appropriate car will drive up to the wedding reception, meeting with the Toastmaster to make plans for the day's proceedings. The driver stands on the sidelines while the couple goes through the marriage ceremony and then takes the newly married couple on a tour about the countryside. Upon request, couples can enjoy champagne during their car ride until the vehicle brings them back to the reception. The wedding photographer will then photograph the vehicle and the couple, using the castle towers as the background.

    Guests gather in the gardens to await the arrival of the bride and groom after their countryside tour. When the photographer has finished with his duties, the car chauffeurs the couple into the gardens, circling the lawn so that assembled guests may cheer for the happy couple. The wedding cars wait as guests take photographs and as the photographer finishes up any final wedding shots.

    Want to find out more about Cooling Castle wedding, then see our wedding car ideas and how to choose the best wedding cars Kent for your needs.

  • New Trends In 2014.

    Think more 'Red Carpet' for trends in 2014.

    For the Bride - Backlines are lower and with more attention to detail. After all, that’s what guests see when you’re exchanging the ‘I Do’s'.

    For the Groom - Tailored dark suits with a waistcoat, ivory dinner jackets, and the comeback of the silk bow-tie.

    For the 'Red Carpet' complement think elegant 1960's or 1970's Rolls Royce experience, or classic chic London Fairway Taxi. 

  • Your Wedding Dreams Come True.

    We would like to thank and wish a Happy Christmas and New Year to all those couples married this year who have sent us their thanks and best wishes for the services we have provided.

    We enjoy receiving and reading the many emails, letters and cards, only recently we received a lovely card from Grace and Alex which reads : 

    " Dear Caroline and Graham, a big thank you, our utmost gratitude for your wonderful part you played at our wedding. The car was so beautiful and wonderfully presented, and the chauffeur looked so smart in his uniform, just perfect. Thank you both so much on such a professional service, allowing our day to run so seamlessly. Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year "

  • Wedding Car Hire Discounts For Forces & NHS Couples

    Wedding Car Hire in Kent, Sussex and Surrey just got cheaper for couples who work in the NHS or Forces.

    Car 4 Weddings will offer 10% discount on the chosen wedding car hire rate for a limited period.

  • Wedding Cars Sussex - The Perfect Rolls Royce

    I remember when I was young. I loved to see those beautiful wedding cars. My child hood memories included me riding my bike and be taking by surprise when I saw what I thought were the most luxurious cars in the world; the Rolls Royce wedding car.

    I knew that inside would be a beautifully radiant lady in a delightful white flowing dress. I'd always run up to the church at the top of the street to catch a glimpse of this happy and pretty lady who would elegantly meet other happy and excitable people. I could only imagine that they too were so taken back at the image of perfection this whole scene had created.

    It was not only me as a child who would hesitate to sneak a peek, the reactions of others around me were equally as pleasing as mine. At first sight of this picturesque vision they would instantly stop their chit chat for this magnificently timeless and ultimately exquisite Rolls Royce wedding car.

    Well now, my special day is almost here. I can't wait to experience the turning of heads as my chauffeur drives me around town with my beaming face filled with great dreams and hope as I approach a glorious church in style. It is here that my wonderful fiance will meet me and agree that we were meant to be together.

    Little girls dream of moments like these, and now I am in awe of being able to live out my childhood dream. I have made sure that the smallest detail has been covered and that everything is perfect. How can I forget my wonderful memories containing a Rolls Royce decorated with beautiful rose ribbons made of silk and transporting a lady of elegance.

    All of those scenic moments I witnessed as a child, would no longer be a childhood fantasy, I know in this dream car I too will stop children in the street. I could have only ever started my new exciting life journey with my amazing husband to be, in honour of the dreamy memories that the traditional Rolls Royce wedding cars marvel had given me.